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 What's the purpose of your breeding?

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PostSubject: What's the purpose of your breeding?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:20 am

To define whats the main purpose of some breeding, you must first distingush WHO is the breeder.

If the breeder is a known PUPPY MILLER, the only main purpose is...MONEY! Large amount of money! Sack full of money! He will breed his dog to any known dog/line without knowing the outcome. He will swallow his pride and be kennel blind just to ensure that the pups will be sold. He will promote and advertise the pup as if they are gold and highly desirable. They won't keep any for their own. And they will DEFEND their breeding like everyone is doing the same. GREED in the blood. Nothing more.

If the breeder is a Puller (into weight pulling), the intention is to produce future weight pullers. No matter what kind of dog. Mey it be a cross between a PITBULL and AMBULL, as long as it can do the weight pulling, he will breed them.

If the breeder is a selfish self-centered peddler, he will befriend anyone with a good dog and will try to tie knots with them thru vices and good words. He will praise the dog and the breeder to death. Then he will have his dog mated with the dog of the breeder he is fooling. This is a common practice in the country. He wants to gain popularity by using other people. A gold digger and high ego p*i*k. No knowledge about breeding. For all you know, he will marry HIM just to gain popularity thru the dream breeding. Lol!

If the breeder is a fanatic of conformation shows, He want to produce good dogs for show, has lost and won several times, He will search the perfect pair. Trial and error until he have achieve the best cross for the purpose of show. He will see to it that what he will breed will be a success. But he will accept also the fact that some of his dogs are not likeable or desirable. He will earn his reputation thru the fire. This breeder will produce good dogs for shows. This breecer will have a sale contract and a vet record including pedigrees. Also the dog is free from any genetic problems.

Another breeder is a newbie, he would ask what's the IN pitbull of today. He should NOT breed. He will just add to the problem, over population of pitbulls and would be scorn by the comments of others regarding his breeding.

Pitbulls are not for immature people. Not for everyone and definitely not for MONEY!
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PostSubject: Re: What's the purpose of your breeding?   Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:24 pm

just curious to see how many ppl use their dogs as workers vs. The family pet. A lot of ppl own working breeds but their dog is just a pet. Not trained to hunt or track but that instinct Is still In the dog.

For those that own working breeds, gun dogs, hunting dogs...did you find it difficult to train your dog to be just a family pet? What is the breed?

Does anybody actually use their dogs for work, like herding, hunting, etc? What is the breed of dog and did the training come easy or was it a natural?

I thought of this because my beloved Golden Retriever passed away, and we never really allowed her to indulge in what her breed was bred to do. Only like twice did we actually take her out to the woods where she met a deer and her instincts took over....lol but sad....she was fearless and ready to chase it down.

Any funny or adventurous stories to add about your dog and something it did that the breed was really to do ?
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What's the purpose of your breeding?
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